You should aim to choose from one of the revision activities below.  Each activity should take you between 20-30 minutes to complete:

Reading Non-Fiction

Developing analysis and inference

Read the article ‘Superheroes of today are bad role models’ at least three times over five minutes.  

What is the writer’s main argument?  Aim to identify five quotations that support this.

What Next – answer the following exam question:

Why does David Bally feel that superheroes are bad role models? (8 marks).

Remember: 1 mark = 1.5 minutes, so this should take you 12 minutes

Writing Complete three of the four tasks below:

Write in style of someone. Pick a famous person and try to write as they would.

Buy a newspaper and write for each picture the answer to this question: Why did the editor pick me?

Look out of the window on the bus home -how would you describe what you see?

Find an effective piece of writing and highlight all the commas. Look at what each comma does to the writing.

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