Look back at the notes from yesterday’s revision day – there are some rough plans for past essay questions.  You can find the post here.

  • Choose one plan and read it
  • Develop the plan and add quotations – between 5 and 7 is a good number (spend 5 minutes doing this)
  • Write the essay (Spend 35-40 minutes).  Remember: You do not need to write an introduction – dive in, answer the question and begin to analyse in your very first paragraph
  • Check you essay – two minutes

Scan it in and email it to me at [email protected]

Tip: If you choose to answer a question that tracks the development or growth of a character. you should look at five stages of this character in the play

  1. When the character is first described by stage directions
  2. How does their first line of dialogue reflect them.  Just as important – how do other characters react to the first line of dialogue from your chosen character?
  3. How does the character react to the inspector and when they are told of Eva’s death?
  4. How does the character act when interrogated?
  5. How has the character changed (or not) by the end of the play – focus on Gerald’s entrance and when the phone rings