Revise little and often – Choose at least one of the activities below to complete today – spend around 25-40 minutes doing this activity well.  Try to choose a glance of activities for each text.

Conflict Poetry

Re-read ‘Mametz  Wood’.  How does the poet present the effects of war?  Find at least five quotations to support your view.  Identify grammar, language, sound devices and strucure.

What next: write a detailed plan to compare this poem with one other poem from the conflict cluster.  Remember to refer to specific quotations, themes, language and structure.

Of Mice and Men

Re-read Steinbeck’s description of the fight between Lennie and Curley in part three of the novel – find five key quotations to describe this event.  No more than 10 words per quotation.

Key terms to learn: adverb and animalistic imagery

What next: Write a paragraph to explore how Steinbeck creates the atmosphere in this part of the novel.  Remember to include clear analysis of language features and grammar.

Exam Layout

Look at past papers through this link.  Do you know the layout of each exam?  What are your timings?  Do you know which texts you will be assessed on? Which area of the paper should you look at to find the questions you will be answering?  Make a note for each exam and put this on post-its around your house.  

Unit 1 – Modern Texts

Unit 2 – Poetry Across Time