Choose from one of the activities below, you should spend between 35-45 minutes today.  Remember to prepare for both Literature exams.

Conflict Poetry

Re-read ‘Futility’ and identify language devices, grammar and themes.  What exam question would you write about this poem?  Which other Conflict poem would you compare it to?  Why?

What next: write a detailed plan to compare this poem with one other poem from the conflict cluster.  Remember to refer to specific quotations, themes, language and structure.

Of Mice and Men

Map as many references to animals as you can throughout the novel.  find 10 specific quotations and write them on separate post-it notes.

What next: plan and write two paragraphs to explore how Steinbeck uses animal symbolism throughout the novel.

Past Questions – Section A

Plan a detailed answer to one of the questions about your set text for Section A

The Crucible – How does Miller present attitudes to the court in The Crucible?

Touching the Void – How is the character of Richard important to Touching the Void and how does Simpson present him?

An Inspector Calls – How does Priestley show that tension is at the heart of the Birling family?

Short Stories – Answer part (a) and part (b)

Part (a)

Write about how Baines presents the boy in Compass and Torch.

and then Part (b)

How does the writer present a young person in one other story from Sunlight on the Grass?

Treat this as timed revision: you should spend 5 minutes planning and 40 minutes writing your essay