Revise little and often – Choose at least one of the activities below to complete today – spend around 25-40 minutes doing this activity well.

Conflict Poetry How are attitudes to war shown in ‘Poppies’?  find five secure quotations that support your argument.

What next: Identify a language/grammar or sound device for each quotation – how does this device help to support the meanings/tone/themes of the poem?

Of Mice and Men Does Steinbeck punish characters for having dreams?  Find a quotation for each character in the play – what are their deems and how does this link to their fate? 

What next: Write one paragraph that analyses the character who suffers the most for their dream – how does their inability to achieve their dreams change them?  Why?

An Inspector Calls Map the structure of the play by Act and character.  Which order does the Inspector interrogate the other characters?  Why do you think Priestley has structured the play in this way?

Key terms to learn: Dramatic Irony and Well-made play

What next: Try to write three sentences that use the key terms above correctly in reference to the play and characters.  Use a quotation to support each sentence.