Revise little and often – Choose at least one of the activities below to complete today – spend around 25-40 minutes doing this activity well.

Conflict Poetry Make a Venn diagram comparing imagery of war in ‘Futility’ with one other poem in the Conflict cluster.  Focus on themes, language, grammar and sound devices.  Be sure to use at four quotations from each poem in your diagram.What next: Plan and write a paragraph that compares the images of war in these poems.  Remember to use clear analysis.
Of Mice and Men Re-read the first and last chapter of Of Mice and Men – copy out five key quotations that help to describe the setting.  How might the setting link to the events?What next: How has Steinbeck used grammar been used to set the tone?  Identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and sentence types.
An Inspector Calls Map how Eric’s character changes throughout the play.  Find three quotations per Act.What next: How do other characters interact with Eric?  Find five quotations from across the play.