Revise little and often – Choose at least one of the activities below to complete today – spend around 25-40 minutes doing this activity well.  Try to choose a balance of activities geared towards each text.

Conflict Poetry Re-read ‘next to of course god america i’.  How has the poet shown the speaker’s point of view in this poem?  Copy out five quotations that answer this question.  What next: how would the tone and meaning of poem change with the use of punctuation?  Experiment with commas and full stops to identify the different clauses and meanings.
Of Mice and Men Re-read Steinbeck’s description of the death of Candy’s dog in part 4 of the novel.  How does Steinbeck create tension in this event of the novel?  Find and copy out five key quotations.Key term to learn: Personification.

What next: Write a paragraph to explore how Steinbeck creates the atmosphere in this part of the novel.  Remember to include clear analysis of language features and grammar.

An Inspector Calls Most critics agree that Sheila shows the most growth throughout the play – Do you agree?  Why/not?  Map her character throughout the play – selecting only five key quotations.What next: Write no more than two paragraphs that explore Sheila’s growth throughout the play. Remember to include clear analysis of language features and grammar and refer to what you believe Priestley’s intentions may be.