Choose from one of the activities below:

Conflict Poetry

Write a detailed plan for the following past question:

Compare how poets present bravery in ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ (page 43) and in one other poem from Conflict.

This should take you between 5-10 minutes.

Include five specific quotations from each poem and focus on language, structure and form.

What next: Write the essay – spend 35-40 minutes.

Past Questions – Section A

Treat this as timed revision: you should spend 5 minutes planning and 40 minutes writing your essay

(30 marks)


(4 marks)

The Crucible – How does Miller present ideas about witch-hunts in The Crucible?

Touching the Void – How does Simpson present ideas about courage in Touching the Void?

An Inspector Calls – How does Priestley show that tension is at the heart of the Birling family?

Short Stories – Answer part (a) and part (b)

Part (a)

How does Dunmore present Carla’s relationship with the Head and with the teachers in My Polish Teacher’s Tie?

and then Part (b)

How does the writer present a relationship in one other story in Sunlight on the Grass?